Six trends expected to disrupt and dominate the industry


2018 sports industry starting lineup

Six trends expected to disrupt and dominate the industry

Sport is big business… and getting bigger—will teams and sponsors convert the issues facing the sports industry in 2018 into opportunities for growth? Like most other industries, the sports industry is being disrupted by technology advancements and cultural changes. In our annual report, Deloitte’s Sports practice examines the sports trends that are redefining the business landscape—and identifies six major trends that should be included in every executive’s 2018 playbook.

While professional and amateur sports continue to provide on-field fireworks in the games and events themselves, even more is happening behind the scenes.

What are the most significant 2018 sports industry trends?

  • As sports franchises build state of the art stadiums, fan safety will remain top of mind.
  • Innovative ticket packages will compete with the couch for fan attention.
  • Advertising spend will shift to digital and social channels to reach millennials.
  • Blockchain's capabilities offer potential emerging solutions to challenges the industry is striving to improve.
  • The road to professional sports is changing as federal investigations shed light on the business, and corruption, of college sports.
  • Social activism in sports is here to stay, and the clock is ticking on brands, leagues, and teams to decide where they stand.
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