Growth through innovation in a transforming world


Chemistry 4.0

Growth through innovation in a transforming world

The chemicals industry is undergoing a paradigm shift due to changes in demand structures and customer preferences. The customer industries are constantly innovating and these developments are closely related to digitalization, sustainability, and the circular economy which tend to influence process technologies, product portfolios, and business models of the chemicals business.

The study Chemistry 4.0 identifies 30 trends which will be important to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry until 2030, dicussing digital transformation in the chemicals industry, how it can enhance the concept of the circular economy and develop new growth opportunities in the process. 

Key questions the report addresses:

  • What are the key trends in the customer industries that will influence the chemicals industry until 2030?
  • How can chemical companies leverage the extensive data available to create value for their businesses and develop new growth opportunities?
  • How can chemical companies help their customer industries achieve sustainability targets through digitalization?
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