What’s good for consumers is good for business


Health & Wellness Progress Report 2018

What’s good for consumers is good for business

Global consumer demand is evolving towards healthier products: while traditional preferences are towards price, taste and convenience, today's consumer is more interested in health & wellness, transparency, safety, social impact and experience.

The Health & Wellness Progress Report 2018 shows how FMCG-companies are turning this demand into action, with 97% running programs to support healthier diets and lifestyles.

Key findings Health & Wellness Progress report 2018

  • 88% of consumer goods companies formulated and/or reformulated products to support healthier diets and lifestyles
  • 58% stopped marketing to children under 12 of products that do not fulfill specific nutrition criteria
  • 85% have formed partnerships with community stakeholders
  • CGF members partnered with over 527,000 schools in 2017 to help children learn healthy habits, up 37% since last year
  • Over 1.6 million employees participated in health and wellness programs, an increase of 23% since last year 
  • 58% of respondents participated in food bank programs, distributing 180 million meals and donating over 77,000 tons of food
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