Analytics and information management (AIM)

Analytics and Information Management (AIM) helps clients design, build and run insight driven organizations by helping to maximize the potential value of analytics and information to deliver operational excellence, new products and services, competitive agility, and growth. Analytics and Information Management (AIM) services offers an integrated approach with our broad range of solution offerings including: shape strategy, manage data, deliver information, improve performance, optimize insights, amplify intelligence, build capabilities, and manage environments.

Analytics and information management supports Deloitte Global Storefront in major functional areas: Visualization, Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Acquisition.

What we are doing

Analytics: Big Data

The Big Data initiative within the AIM department is focused on delivering strong, scalable and reliable data processing solutions built on top of some of the latest Big Data technologies. While focus is mainly on the Hadoop platform paired with functional programming, we constantly strive to bring together a mix of knowledge from a plethora of different backgrounds and approaches to a constantly evolving big data environment. AIM-developed big data solutions are able to make a significant difference for clients across various areas bringing the insight and technical solutions needed for a better understanding and development of their business.

Business Intelligence & Visualization: BI

In AIM the functional areas: Business Intelligence and Visualization come together to create a unique solution to our clients. We create Charts & Graphs using latest technologies such as Tableau/ QlikView/ SAP BO-BI using business intelligence methodologies for the following layers: management Reporting, operational Reporting and data Discovery. For this concept AIM uses SAP Data Services and Microsoft suite.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

RPA, also known as Robotic Process Automation, aims to bring efficiencies in cost and time by automating existing business processes freeing up people to work on high value tasks. The RPA practice within the AIM department is focused on delivering automation solutions for existing business processes, from automating invoicing processes to processing batch transactions with 100% accuracy. While the focus is mainly on the automating existing processes, we aim to also bring in advanced cognitive abilities to make advanced business decisions by intelligently understanding the content and context of data. AIM-developed RPA solutions are able to change the way clients, across a wide spectrum of industries, look at business processes. RPA solutions will enable clients to realize the next level in efficiency as well as allowing people to work on what they are best at, making complex business decisions.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

As data volumes get bigger, computers get faster, and analysis gets more complex, Deloitte helps and enables employees, partners, and suppliers to collaborate better, work more efficiently, and ultimately make better business decisions through powerful, user-driven enterprise tools. We have the requisite expertise to acquire and cleanse structured and unstructured data in batch, real time and near real time velocity from an array of internal and external sources.

The AIM team implemented and utilized several tools such as Informatica Power Center, Talend, Pentaho, Microsoft SSIS for extract, transform, load (ETL) process that could handle the conversion through different formats.  The transformed, aggregated and cleansed results were transferred back to EDW and other data marts using a variety of connectors such as JBDC/ODBC/Sqoop/Hive .

Deloitte is a strategic partner for Informatica and drives growth across all markets.

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