Human Capital Management


Human Capital Management

The goal of Human Capital Platform and Innovation is to help organizations understand the difference between “doing digital” and "being digital.” The digital mindset focuses less on technology and more on how it’s being used. More technology isn’t necessarily the answer.

HR Transformation

There is no single path to driving value through HR - not every HR initiative is transformative. However, every HR investment can point the way to value.

Making the shift to digital

Today, organizations are making the shift to become digital, and these digital organizations require a new set of capabilities.

That is where Deloitte’s HR Transformation team excels: we are forging a direct path to high impact. The success of any HR Transformation initiative extends beyond the creation of capacity and focuses on building the capability, credibility and community, to deliver high impact for the business.

How HR is evolving

As business processes becomes increasingly digital and automated, the workforce remains one of the critical catalysts for organizations that aspire to evolve their business models. While some organizations will struggle with aligning to the realities of a shifting delivery model, others can embrace the opportunity to re-imagine the way they service the organization and drive outcomes that impact the people who provide value to their customers.

What we do in Human Capital Consulting

Human Capital Consulting offers integrated professional HCM Consulting services that are guiding the customer through the Digital HR Transformation journey.  We are involved in all stages for the Digital HR Transformation journey, starting from process and design workshops, implementation and configuration, data migration and integration and continuing to specific testing phases during a project lifecycle. Trough Application Management Systems services we continue to support the customers which have embraced the Digital HR Transformation and are in need of maintenance for their HCM Applications.

Our approach combines intellectual leadership, industrial expertise, insight, consulting & problem solving capabilities, technology revolutions and innovation from multiple disciplines to help our clients excel anywhere in the world.