Capital & funding


Capital & funding

Family businesses are known for their vigilant management of cash and their ability to fund on-going business and growth plans with reasonable debt. However, today the competition for liquidity has become more intense so family businesses could be faced with more challenges when seeking to manage their liquidity such as external capital to fund on-going business and expansion plans. How can family businesses maintain control while ensuring that they have capital at their disposal, if they wish to expand their business through, for example, acquisitions or long-term investments?

Raising, investing, preserving and optimizing capital are the priorities of a family firm. At Deloitte Audit and Financial Advisory Services we provide financial advice and insight at every stage of your firm– from consideration of the strategic options to transaction execution, be it an IPO, acquisition or divestment, restructuring or fast track disposal.

In respect to this need, Deloitte offers the following services:

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