Growth and profitability


Growth and profitability

Just like any other company, family-owned companies are seeking to grow their business and they need a strategy that serves the goals of both the business and the family. Successful family companies are usually looking for sustainable long-term growth and operational performance in order to avoid negative impact on the family’s wealth and control of the business. Growth, either organically or through acquisitions and transactions such as strategic partnerships or joint ventures; can offer family-owned companies, of all sizes, opportunities to diversify their operations, expand in other geographies, reach new customers, and tap into new sources for materials and talent.

Deloitte Consulting can help families in business to develop growth strategies and to reach operational excellence. Deloitte Financial Advisory helps to find growth opportunities and facilitates the growth process by M&A transactions, whilst monitoring the risks that could come with growth.

In respect to this need, Deloitte offers the following services:

• Growth strategies
• Operational excellence
• Effective corporate governance
• Market studies and competitive positioning