Data & Analytics


Data & Analytics

Design, build and run insight driven organizations

We help Deloitte member firms design, build and run insight-driven organizations by maximizing the potential value of analytics and information to deliver operational excellence, new products and services, competitive agility, and growth. Data & Analytics services offers an integrated approach with our broad range of solution offerings including: manage data, deliver information, improve performance, optimize insights, amplify intelligence, build capabilities, and manage environments.

Master Data Management

A Master Data Management solution is the glue that binds your systems and information together. It’s the single source of truth for your data-driven digital transformation, providing trusted, accurate, complete data.

Data Warehouse, Store, Hub

Data Warehouse solution is typically used to correlate broad business data to provide greater executive insight into corporate performance. Data integration is essential for extracting, transforming and loading the data to the Data Warehouse.

Data Migration Engine

Data Migration is required whenever new systems and applications are deployed and rolled-out into the enterprise landscape. Data integration expertise positions the Data Migration Engine at core of the services solution and ensures a safe migration to target system.

Data Lake

Big Data Integration integrates data from various disparate data sources, at any latency, with the ability to rapidly develop extract load transform (ELT) or extract transform load (ETL) data flows and deploy anywhere on Hadoop, push down to a data warehouse, on premise or in the cloud.

Reporting, Analytics, Visualization

Consuming consolidated and operational data is key for business users who need to take decisions based on facts. Exposing the data minding UX/UI design principles and business process is essential for nowadays analytics delivery.

Our Ecosystems & Alliances

Deloitte relationships with best-of-breed providers make productive, traditional alliances possible, but we go above and beyond strategic consulting firm services to network these alliances into ecosystems. This helps our professionals to be exposed to latest and greatest innovations and keep up with the trends and new technologies.

Our Key Roles

Under Data and Analytics, we primarily hire into Data Visualization Engineer, SAP Analytics Frontend Engineer, Data Migration Engineer, Big Data Engineer, ETL Engineer, SAP Analytics Consultant Roles.

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