Buy-side Services

When required?

When the client wants to grow and access new markets via acquisitions of companies or assets.

Dedicated services:

  • Designing and formulating the acquisition strategy;
  • Providing insightful market analysis;
  • Identifying appropriate acquisition candidates;
  • Approaching the owners of selected target companies;
  • Obtaining information to evaluate investment opportunities;
  • Analyzing and valuing the target companies, including any synergies or savings;
  • Coordinating other advisers (e.g. lawyers, transaction support providers);

Analyzing competing bidder's strategies and preparing own bidding strategy:

  • Assisting in bid preparation;
  • Proposing the financial and commercial structure of the transaction;
  • Raising debt or equity capital;
  • Drafting and negotiating contractual documentation;
  • Assist together with legal advisors in closing of the transaction.


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Radu Dumitrescu

Radu Dumitrescu

Partner-in-Charge Financial Advisory

Radu Dumitrescu has almost 20 years of experience in financial analysis, audit, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, project funding advisory and litigation assistance. He joined Deloitte Romania ... More

Dragoș Cruceru

Dragoș Cruceru

Director, Corporate Finance Advisory

Dragos Cruceru is a Director in the Romanian Financial Advisory Practice, Corporate Finance Advisory service line. He has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, privatization advise, core a... More