Business diagnostic


Goodwill impairment

GDP is predicted to fall significantly and the speed of economic recovery is uncertain. Some borrowers may be affected to a degree that their operating models and financial position become structurally unhealthy. Depending on the duration of the current crisis, healthy borrowers, with sound future outlook, may shift from initial liquidity problems to structural financial challenges. Moratoria on loan agreements and potential liquidity injections may not suffice as measures of assisting businesses. Financial and operating restructuring measures will be needed for certain businesses. We can support both the lenders and the borrowers to analyse, identify and use all available options (including less complex restructuring) to preserve borrower‘s ability to repay initial exposure. If this will not be possible, we can advise with respect to use all available options to recover as much exposure as possible through sale of exposures, hard restructuring or formal insolvency procedures.


Business Diagnostic