Deloitte SheXO Club in Romania


Deloitte SheXO Club in Romania

SheXO Club, a global Deloitte initiative launched in Romania in 2012, aims to nurture a community of business women that can network, grow and thrive, through the creation of a platform for experience sharing. The program also focuses on helping and encouraging women in the C-suite to build confidence and advance to the next level and contributes to the development of the next generation of women leaders.

Throughout our business meetings, market research and publications, we expand knowledge in the areas of leadership, economics, global trends and business models, and we further address the field of women’s professional development. The program also shares good practices in the field of Diversity & Inclusion.

Deloitte SheXO Club centers its activity on four pillars:


  • By informing women and business leaders of the current landscape and providing insights into traits and trends of effective leadership
  • By advising business leaders of the advantages of placing women in the leadership role and encouraging sponsorship across women in leading positions


  • By creating networks for women in executive positions to share success stories and leverage each other for learning opportunities
  • By connecting women leadership to men and women business leaders to aid their growth and serve as learning resources


  • By providing opportunities for women talent to help develop the skillsets and foster the relationships that can promote their personal development plan
  • By enabling business leaders to seek out, support, and invest in women executives


  • By helping to empower women executives to navigate the complex C-suite environment and build confidence to excel in their career
  • By enabling business leaders to confidently support women in and advancing their careers as women executives

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