The new physics of financial services


The new physics of financial services

How artificial intelligence is transforming the financial ecosystem

World Economic Forum and Deloitte's latest report studies the strategic, operational, regulatory, and societal implications of AI on the financial services industry to elucidate previously sensationalized debates and help the industry look forward.

The report finds that artificial intelligence is changing the physics of financial services, weakening the bonds that have held together the component parts of incumbent financial institutions and opening the door to entirely new operating models. It also describes key AI-enabled strategies that are substantiated with real world examples, as well as identifies core institutional and broader ecosystem challenges and uncertainties that need to be addressed.

The study aims to help financial executives, regulators, and policy makers understand how AI is:

  • Changing the operating models of financial institutions
  • Affecting strategic priorities and upending competitive dynamics (substantiated with real world examples)
  • Raising challenges for public policy
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