Reports & initiatives


Reports & initiatives

The reports gather and analyze the perspectives of both women and man in leadership positions in our country regarding diversity in the business environment.

Deloitte Romania SheXO Report 2021

It’s been almost a decade since Deloitte Romania carried out, for the first time, a study on the presence of women in business. The latest edition, Deloitte survey “Careers with equal opportunities: women in leadership roles“, underlines the perceptions in terms of equal opportunities for women in men in the business environment and analyzes what the last decade brought to the table in terms of inclusion and diversity.

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Deloitte Romania SheXO Report 2012

The report synthetizes the voices of dozens of business women and represents the constitutive declaration of the Deloitte SheXO Club. The main goal of this survey was to generate an adequate context for debate regarding the obstacles women need to overcome in the business environment in order to advance on the next level of their professional carriers.

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