Leadership alignment (AS ONE)

Our approach

As One may be about individual action and collective power for our clients; but for our practitioners, it's a new approach to advising our clients on leadership and organizational success.

At the core of the joint Strategy & Operations and Human Capital service offering are proprietary tools that pinpoint specific risk areas in our clients' organizations that may prevent them from achieving their strategic priorities. As One discussions of leadership and organizational success are informed by a diagnostic identifying:

  • Who leaders need to target to increase commitment
  • What strategic objectives have greater or lesser commitment, and
  • How leaders can most effectively lead their people to achieve their goals.

Our practitioners act as trusted advisors to our clients by enabling clients' own data to tell the story of what needs attention in their organizations. Specific interventions are then collaboratively developed with leaders to target these needs. 

Key benefits:

  • Understand the roots of people acting in concert and the best ways to encourage such activities
  • Design and implementation of organization-wide interventions to ensure that a cohesive group of people is working together productively towards a common goal.
  • Build the company culture to a competitive advantage