The future awakens


Life Sciences and Health Care Predictions 2022

The future awakens

Challenging times lie ahead arising from a growing and ageing population and a tidal wave of chronic diseases. Life Sciences and Health Care Predictions 2022 provide six new predictions of what the life sciences and health care ecosystem might look like in 2022 and the key constraints that will need to be overcome.

The six predictions for 2022:

  • The quantified self is alive and well. The genome generation is more informed and engaged in managing their own health
  • The culture in health care is transformed by digital technologies. Smart health care is delivering more cost-effective patient-centred care 
  • The life sciences industry is industrialised. Advanced cognitive technologies have improved the productivity, speed and compliance of core processes
  • Data is the new health care currency. Artificial intelligence and real-world evidence are unlocking value in health data
  • The future of medicine is here and now. Exponential advances in life-extending and precision therapies are improving outcomes
  • New entrants are disrupting health care. The boundaries between stakeholders have become increasingly blurred
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