corporate treasury survey


2014 Global Corporate Treasury Survey

Executive summary and key insights

More than 100 top corporations from around the globe – representing a wide array of global scales, industrial footprints, and geographic headquarters – participated in this biannual survey.

Issues facing today’s corporate treasury groups

The treasury professionals who responded to the survey contemplated the following:

  • Is treasury truly a strategic function?
  • What mandates are provided by the chief financial officer (CFO) and board to treasury? 
  • What are the key challenges facing treasury? 
  • Has automation addressed the needs of treasurers, or is it still a pipe-dream? 
  • How are operating models evolving? 
  • What are the emerging trends, and how will these effect the treasurer of the future?
Corporate Treasury survey

Key insights

Key insights from the survey:

  • The modern treasury group is strategic, collaborates with the businesses it serves, and is using automation, offshoring, and treasury centers of excellence to consolidate and standardize tactical areas.
  • Treasurers clearly have strong mandates from their CFOs to be strategic.
  • Fifty percent of treasurers noted that their biggest challenges are the ability to repatriate cash and to manage foreign exchange volatility.
  • Forty percent of companies remain challenged by visibility into global operations, including cash and financial exposures. Forty percent also cited insufficient technology infrastructure to support their department.
  • Treasury departments are growing more comfortable with the use of centers of excellence to support global operations, including the use of in-house banks and shared services centers.
  • Emerging trends such as restricted economies, the increased need for foreign jurisdictions, and cyber threats are real.
Global Corporate Treasury Survey
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