EBA reports on gender diversity and calls for measures


EBA reports on gender diversity and calls for measures

The European Banking Authority (EBA) issued a benchmarking report with regards to the diversity practices within credit institutions and investment firms that aims to analyse the developments which have occurred since the other diversity benchmarking exercise that took place in 2015.

Based on the available data as of September 2018, 41.61% out of 834 institutions have not adopted a diversity policy.

EBA calls on both institutions and Member States in order to consider some additional measures for promoting a balanced representation of genders. Competent authorities are also required to assist in this process by ensuring that institutions comply with the requirements of adopting such diversity policies.

This article provides further insight on how a broader range of views, opinions, experiences, perceptions, values and backgrounds represent the key points that can contribute to the decision-making process in terms of strategy and risk-taking.

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