NPL: EBA issues final standardised templates


NPL: EBA issues final standardised templates

Faster way of getting rid of your NPL portfolio

To address the request of the European Commission to support the development of a functioning NPL secondary market in the EU, the European Banking Authority (EBA) issued yesterday the final NPL standardised data templates.

The templates aim at enhancing standardisation of NPL-related data and at reducing information asymmetries between potential buyers and sellers of NPLs portfolios.

They also aim at enhancing the granularity, quality and comparability of NPL data and at increasing transparency and market certainty.

Although they are not a supervisory reporting requirement, being designed in a way that they can act as a market standard, the institutions and investors are encouraged to use these templates in their NPL transactions.

Moreover, the templates provide references to existing reporting, which should reduce implementation costs for banks.

Two sets of templates have been developed by the EBA, namely:

  • the “EBA NPL portfolio screening template”
  • the “EBA NPL transaction templates”

Please refer to EBA website for further information

How can we help?

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We can assist you in data assembly, preparation, cleansing and verification of key fields of the EBA  templates in order to provide your investors with accurate and high quality information and achieve a successful NPL divestment process.  

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