Internal Audit 4.0

Purpose driven, digitally powered

An unprecedented set of challenges has led to broadened demands on Internal Audit functions. In addition, the pace and scale of innovation in the profession pointed to the need for an update of our vision. Our updated IA 4.0 framework brings three new features to the forefront. By aligning Internal Audit’s outcomes with the organization’s purpose, helping accelerate organizational change and learning, and further embracing digital, we believe Internal Audit can upgrade and maximize its impact and the value it delivers.

The breadth of demands on Internal Audit, and pace and scale of innovation in the profession point to the need for an update, but not an overhaul, of our vision of the Internal Audit function of the future. Our Internal Audit 4.0 (IA 4.0) publication:

  • Recaps the elements of Internal Audit 3.0
  • Summarizes lessons learned as functions have adopted the framework; and
  • Presents a refreshed vision of the future of the Internal Audit function, IA 4.0, which incorporates those lessons and demonstrates why Internal Audit functions should be purpose driven and digitally powered

What’s new

Our updated IA 4.0 framework brings three new features to the forefront:


By aligning Internal Audit’s role and remit with the organization’s purpose, a new orientation for many functions, Internal Audit can design their role, remit, and ways of working in a more intentional way to support a specific outcome and contribution for the organization, attract top talent, create stronger stakeholder engagement, and make smarter choices.


Organizations who have thrived in uncertain times were the ones who could learn to adapt and act quickly. And it’s here where we think Internal Audit can stretch its remit further—by helping to accelerate organizational learning and management action.


Many functions have embraced data analytics but few view “Digital” broadly enough or leverage capabilities to support the entire audit lifecycle. As the title of our publication implies, IA 4.0 is digitally powered. Applying digital requires a mindset to consider the art of the possible, while taking a highly systematic approach to using technology.