Developing and managing an effective cloud strategy


Maintaining Control in the Cloud

Developing and managing an effective cloud strategy

Cloud is the future, but it is not perfect. To maintain control, organisations must plot a route through the risks and complexities to ensure that they have the insight and focus necessary to implement an effective cloud strategy.

In this report we explore four main areas of cloud implementation and ultimately discover how to stay in control:

  • Creating a cloud strategy in line with the overall business strategy that includes selecting the right cloud service provider.
  • Managing people and change in a new culture for the cloud, ensuring that staff can adjust to the many procedural and cultural changes that cloud adoption entails.
  • Integrating cloud technology to ensure that the cloud can work in a company’s legacy environment.
  • Managing cloud risk and compliance, because although a company can outsource its IT, it cannot outsource all of its risk management, legal and regulatory obligations.
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