Manifesting legacy: Looking beyond the digital era

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Deloitte Global CIO Survey 2018

Manifesting legacy: Looking beyond the digital era

In the digital era, technology has increasingly become a primary driver of business transformation and growth, ending the era of business-led, technology-enabled organizations. As we look forward, many successful organizations—and their CIOs—are adopting a technology-led, business-enabled mindset to drive transformation, growth, and revenue beyond digital.

Some of the key findings of the of the CIO Survey:

  • Approximately 10% of the organizations surveyed differentiate themselves as being part of the digital avant-garde, organizations that mix a coherent digital strategy with the IT approach among market leaders.
  • The Chief Information Officer (CIO) role is appreciated less for traditional values such as solving complex problems or the ambition to succeed. Instead, the CIO is expected to deliver far-reaching organizational changes, with high-performing, results-oriented teams.
  • Digitization is perceived by almost all organizations as a strategic priority, even though its meaning is vague and may differ among organizations.
  • Automation and process transformation, as well as customer experience are the main points of interest in the digital area.
  • The most watched emerging technologies are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Robotics Process Automation.
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