Take the lead on cyber risk

How to move from now to next-level security 

Today, more than ever, it is no longer a question of if you will experience a cyberattack, but when. Cyber capabilities must do more than address the threats that exist now. Tomorrow’s challenges are different than today’s. How can you stay ahead?

As exponential technologies drive digital disruption, they introduce entirely new kinds of cyberthreats. To thrive in a digital future, organizations need a robust cyber risk strategy that can help them become secure, vigilant, and resilient.

Take the lead on cyber risk outlines the steps your organization can take to move from now to next-level security. By understanding what needs to be done—and having the courage and foresight to tackle the challenges head on—you can take charge of your cyber fate and become a digital disrupter, instead of being disrupted by your competition. 

Main recommendations of the study:

  • Embrace innovation and digital transformation with a cybersecurity mindset first
  • Embed security within processes
  • Have stronger situational awareness; understand the threat landscape and how exponentials will affect it
  • Cybersecurity requires a human element; security tools and technology alone are not enough
  • Develop playbooks and processes for breach management, creating alignment and understanding the impact changes will have to your response plans

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Take the lead on cyber risk
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