Cyber Strategy

Deloitte's Cyber Strategy services balance the requirements for an ideal cyber strategy posture with strategic objectives and the risk appetite of the organization.

Detect & Respond

We help clients design and implement transformational enterprise security programs with an emphasis on defending against, recovering from, and remediating major cyber-attacks. 

Application Security

The scope of applications includes large enterprise software packages as well as customized enterprise applications and consumer-facing applications. 

Cyber Cloud

We offer cyber capabilities and solutions focused on development, transformation and resilience of cloud security through various mechanisms, built upon our demonstrated delivery methodology and leverage our deep technical experience

Infrastructure Security

This includes development, transformation and resilience of secure network architecture through various mechanisms including network segmentation.


The scope of this market offering includes business processes, technology, and information supporting the authentication, authorization, and auditing of employees, contractors, customers, and other stakeholders who require access to resources including data, applications, and systems.

Data & Privacy

We assist with strategy, reporting and validation, architecture, privacy, and protection, including specific services relating to data inventory, data lifecycle mapping and requirements, data protection solution architecture, implementation and management.

Emerging Technologies

Deloitte’s Cyber Emerging Technologies offering helps organizations with their cyber capabilities and solutions focused on next generation technologies including, but not limited to, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).


Adrian Ifrim

Adrian Ifrim


With more than eleven years of experience in the financial, telecom and IT security sector, Adrian is currently serving as Senior Manager for the Deloitte Romania Cyber Risk Services team. After obtai... More