internal audit


Internal Audit

Senior management’s need for timely and reliable business intelligence has never been so acute. The effects of accounting scandals that destroyed global brands overnight mean that business leaders have to divert time from executing their strategy to the tactical defense of their corporate governance. Investors, analysts and regulators are applying pressure on executives over poor business performance and questionable decisions, while they have to deal with more competitive markets, less loyal customers and increased demands for on-line access to products and services.

As the mission of internal audit has changed, so has the model for the IA function. In the past, IA was a routine and sequential performance of compliance audits with few quality considerations and concerned primarily with policy and procedure compliance. Now, IA is expected to be a valued advisor to management – dynamic, focused on identifying business risks, and communicating useful information about such risks as well as process improvement opportunities.

We can offer a wide range of internal audit services, enabling you to expand scope, improve quality and streamline the internal audit processes.