Cost Efficiency

Our approach

Objective is to comprehensively reduce costs across organization to support tactical or transformational cost reduction goals

  • Deloitte approach addresses management alignment, focus and cost targeting to increase the chances of client success 
  • Cost Management Strategies using the cost categories include 
    • Getting House in Order - Reduce costs across all cost categories except risk mitigators 
    • Sustaining the Business - Cost savings from basic services and increase investment in efficiency enhancers 
    • Setting the Stage for Growth - Fund investments in strategy enablers through reduction in basic services 
  • Cost reduction is architected using a three phased approach involving initial assessment, design and implementation 


Benefits for the customer:

  • carefuly designed plan that ensures succesful enterprise cost efforts by achieveing cost targets, avoid bounce back after an initial reduction and maintaing enterprise strength 
  • internal framwork for continuos cost minimization or elimination in the context of market uncertainty