Drowning in data, but starving for insights


Drowning in data, but starving for insights

Starting the digital supply network journey with legacy systems

To get started on building a digital supply network road map with the assets already in place, companies may need to change their mind-set.

Rather than taking a system-centric approach to investing in new physical assets, a data- and insight-centric approach can leverage the underlying legacy technologies, but also allow for application modernization as the company progresses along the path.

In this report, we explore three primary steps to be considered:

  • Locate the data among your assets and systems, and organize and prepare it. Before the organization begins its journey on the road to digital transformation, it should take stock of the data it already has.
  • Organize and validate the data for analysis. For optimal analysis, the data should be classified and categorized along with its metadata.
  • Turn insights into action. Once the data has been prioritized and validated, the arguably most valuable part can begin: drawing insights and taking action.
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