Are you ready to reap the benefits?


The robots are waiting

Are you ready to reap the benefits?

A tremendous 95% of organisations that have implemented robotic process automation (RPA) say the technology has improved productivity, according to Deloitte’s fourth edition of the Global Robotics Survey, which analyses market trends and emerging practices in robotic and cognitive automation. In addition, 93% of those that have implemented or scaled RPA say it has improved compliance and 81% agree it has reduced cost.

The benefits of automation are now better understood with demonstrable and measurable results. The value of automation includes benefits from augmenting, as well as replacing human effort. It has been proven to improve productivity, increase revenue, avoid costs, reduce risk and improve the experience of both customers and employees.

Yet despite the increase in support, our insights show that organisations are struggling to scale RPA as anticipated. Just 4% of organisations are now operating more than 50 robots, a negligible increase from 3% in 2017. Find out what the common hurdles are, and how an approach to scaling could be structured, in Deloitte's Global Robotics Report.

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