Deloitte BPS Romania’s approach to prime accounting services: from traditional to business accounting  

Our clients consider us nowadays not only to be their traditional tax and accountancy firm, but also to be their accounting advisor, flexible and prompt to respond: a single point of contact for a wide range of professional services.

Why is that?
As we have all noticed, businesses face a fast evolving framework impacted by regulatory changes, disruptive technologies and the need to adopt sophisticated operating models. In this context, one solution does not fit all organizations.

With this in mind, we approach proactively clients whose businesses have gained in complexity as they have grown. We sit down with them, listen to their diverse accounting issues, and come up with tailor-made solutions for their needs: we act as advisors, as accounting consultants, who bring a variety of technical knowledge and expertise.

This experience demonstrates the existence appreciation among the companies of an advisor-type relationship besides our traditional accountants’ role.

We believe that relationships with a “personal” feel and a proactive approach translated most of the times into a “one-stop shop” accounting provider, are highly valued by clients.

We feel rewarded and motivated when clients recognize our advisory skills.