Expat Station

Tax. Immigration. Social security.

You are heading towards a great move to Romania and begin your life as an expat here. The excitement. The new horizons. The opportunities.

All of them brought by the Unknown.

Whilst exploring the Unknown sounds exciting for all the things you will Want to do, it would be less exciting when it comes to those you Have to do. Like taking decisions that affect your net pay. Bringing your significant others with you. Observing deadlines you have not yet hard wired to yourself. Making sure you will still have a pension when you retire. You may call them headaches. We may have the cure. 

Tap the App. Expat Station App.

We, at Deloitte, have built this app based on our practice with tens of thousands of expatriates during the past decades whom we supported in navigating the challenges associated with their mobility in Romania. 

We do not believe You need to know every single detail of the bureaucracy that lies ahead, but simply have an overview to help you ask the right questions, mitigate potential risks and taking informed decisions. Understanding the space of your personal taxes, your social security status and your immigration dues are prerequisites for a smooth stay in Romania. 

Download the app!

You can download Expat Station App from Google Play or App Store and build your case for a tailored experience.


Raluca Bontaș

Raluca Bontaș

Tax Partner, Deloitte România

Leader of the tax practice and coordinator of the income tax department, Raluca joined Deloitte as a student 15 years ago. In 2009, Raluca took over the leadership of the Global Employer Services (GES... More

Monica Tariuc

Monica Tariuc


I joined Deloitte in 2008 for a GES internship, I loved it from the beginning and I still am very passionate about my work. It is amazing how not only our team but also the service offerings evolved i... More