2019 Deloitte Global Blockchain


2019 Deloitte Global Blockchain

Blockchain technology, among the top five strategic priorities for organizations

Blockchain solutions are among the top five strategic priorities that organizations are looking to adopt and gain ground in industries such as fintech and technology, media, telecom, the public sector, science or health, according to the latest edition of the 2019 Deloitte Global Blockchain study.

More than 50% of the surveyed respondents consider blockchain an essential strategic direction, up by 10% compared to 2018. Moreover, four in ten respondents plan to invest in 2019 over five million dollars to develop solutions based on this technology.

We are witnessing a change – slow, but relevant, however - of the business environment's attitude towards blockchain. Organizations are shifting from being cautious and moderately interested in such solutions towards being open and even prepared to roll them out. Their leaders are less concerned with functionality issues and are looking for answers on how to apply this technology in their companies.

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