The Megatrends of Tomorrow’s World


Beyond the Noise

The Megatrends of Tomorrow’s World

We all have to make decisions in spite of an uncertain future. Imagining the future through scenarios enables us to identify robust strategic choices that would fit to any plausible future, and to keep strategies flexible in case the future surprises us.

Is it easier to make assumptions about the future today, or some years back in the last millennium? Most people would agree that it is harder to make sense of “it all” today, compared to the more clear-cut and bipolar world in which we grew up.

With this book, we would like to draw attention to a number of trends that, in our current view, might well drive the future. To do this, we will describe a selection of the social, technology- related, environment-related, economic, and political drivers of change that we encounter again and again in our daily work at the Center for the Long View.

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