The symphonic enterprise


Tech Trends 2018

The symphonic enterprise

Deloitte’s ninth annual Tech Trends report once again shines a light on the emerging technologies organizations are harnessing to foster innovation and growth—from enterprise data sovereignty to digital reality, the no-collar workforce and more. But it also showcases how organizations that orchestrate the collision and confluence of these disruptive technologies can drive greater value across the enterprise.

Forward-thinking organizations are approaching disruptive change more strategically. Instead of launching separate, domain-specific initiatives they are focusing on how multiple disruptive technologies can work together to drive meaningful and measurable impact.

Key trends featured in Tech Trends 2018:

  • No-collar workforce: The rise of automation, artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies will impact jobs and job families. The organization of the future must rewire talent management for the new hybrid human-machine workforce — simultaneously retraining augmented workers and pioneering new HR processes for managing virtual workers. 
  • Blockchain to blockchains: Blockchain is moving rapidly from exploration into mission-critical production scenarios. Advanced use cases and increased adoption drives the need to coordinate, integrate and orchestrate multiple blockchain initiatives within a large organization, potentially across multiple blockchains across a value chain. 
  • Digital reality: In the next phase of augmented reality and virtual reality’s evolution, companies are focusing less on the novelty of devices, and are focusing instead on developing strategies and impactful enterprise use cases. As this trend unfolds, IT leaders will work to tackle persistent challenges in core integration, cloud deployment, connectivity and access. 
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