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Deloitte Digital introduces a new type of CRM

E.ON, Italy’s leading gas and electricity provider

Deloitte Digital helps E.ON, Italy’s major gas and electricity provider, in its efforts to better connect with customers.

E.ON Energia in Italy, a major energy supplier with a diversified business, sought to become more customer centric in order to better understand its customers’ needs and grow its market share. E.ON recognized it needed to get a clear picture of its customer, simplify the customer journey, and manage multiple systems for its different commodities. To do this, it needed a CRM platform.

E.ON implemented a Salesforce CRM suite, which includes a Process Orchestrator to sort and prioritize tasks for operators, and the Service Cloud Console, an easily accessible repository for all client information. By improving the efficiency of day to day tasks and incorporating social and mobile tools with their CRM technology, E.ON is now able to focus on meeting their customers’ needs.

Watch the video to learn more about how Deloitte helped E.ON support this large innovation project.

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