Analysis & Design of ICT Solution

Solutions design requirements are complex, and defining them is a challenge. Although difficult, it is critical to get requirements right to avoid project failure. When requirements are not fully and accurately defined, development costs increase and timelines grow.

Proper requirements definition rests on the ability to translate business needs into formal specifications for ICT solution providers. This includes much more than reliability and availability. It includes requirements for future maintainability, performance and scalability, hardware compatibility, usability and more.

Design of required ICT solution and its comprehensive description:

  • Analysis of the AS-IS state of ICT components relevant to the development initiative;
  • Definition and management of ICT solution requirements during its design; 
  • Design and description of TO-BE ICT solution (in the form of an appropriate system specification).

Key benefits for customers:

  • Comprehensive and complete specification of the ICT solution for subsequent implementation 
  • Solution design in line with the correctly-defined business requirements;