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Deloitte's network of member firms provides critical guidance on how SAP-centric enterprises can tap in to the power of cloud computing to drive value-based business outcomes.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can help you lower your total cost of IT ownership, readily scale your infrastructure, simplify IT, spend less time on maintenance, and accelerate the transformation of your business with SAP. With cloud infrastructure solutions, you also can access the latest tools immediately, right in the cloud. But getting the value you need from cloud infrastructure requires a plan. We can help, offering critical experience and insights for solving the business and technology challenges associated with cloud—from business-case development and strategy to post-go-live support.

SAP® on Private and Hybrid Cloud - Guiding you through your cloud journey

Embarking on an SAP®-driven cloud journey brings with it plenty of questions: How can we leverage cloud to accelerate a move to SAP HANA® or SAP® S/4HANA? How will we integrate new solutions with our existing landscape? How would we manage security, risk, and regulatory compliance? These are just a few of the questions that you’ll face. Addressing them effectively requires a solid strategy and a step-by-step approach that can help you make the most out of your investment. Our four-step process for unlocking the value of the cloud can help you get moving in a direction that makes sense for your organization.

cloud infra services
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Cloud software as a service

SAP offers an array of cloud-enabled solutions that address myriad business needs—including specific offerings focused on the supply chain (SAP Ariba®), human capital management (SAP® SuccessFactors), and travel and expense (SAP® Concur). Such cloud applications can help you streamline processes, reduce IT burdens, give stakeholders tools for working more efficiently, stay current on the latest SAP capabilities, and integrate seamlessly with mobile solutions. With all that potential value, it’s easy to overlook the skills you’ll need to deploy cloud applications so that they align with big-picture business goals. We can provide the support required to get meaningful results with SAP cloud applications.



Accelerating Business Transformation in the Public Cloud

Deploying SAP S/4HANA Cloud can help you unlock value across the entire enterprise—serving as a strategic platform for evolving business needs while also delivering cloud-enabled scalability and efficiencies. Learn how Deloitte can help.

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Ariba Sourcing – On solid ground

Managing business goals while meeting sourcing needs is often an exercise in immediate action. So when it comes to sourcing, focusing on long-term planning can sometimes be challenging. The transformative power of cloud computing offers a way for sourcing and procurement leaders to address that challenge head on. The new challenge? Determining the path forward. Offerings from Ariba, an SAP company, can help provide direction. But getting things right requires a plan.

Ariba Sourcing
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Ariba® Spend Visibility – Pinpoint where the money is going

Spending money is easy. It’s also complicated. Within organizations today, a wider variety of constituents are now enabled to make their own spending decisions, often in nontraditional ways. And the data picture gets murkier with each added layer of complexity. But new functionality delivered through the Ariba® Spend Visibility solution can help develop a “single source of truth” on spending—by using an enterprise-wide approach to gathering and analyzing data.

ariba spend visibility
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Ariba® and SAP®: The hybrid cloud approach – Finding balance with Deloitte

How can you take advantage of new cloud-based capabilities in sourcing and procurement without sacrificing your existing on-premises investments? A hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds. But to make it work, you need to rethink your operating model, get good at governance, and actively help your people adapt to the new environment.

ariba hybrid cloud
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Beyond EDI - Unlocking new value with transactions enabled by SAP® Ariba® and the Ariba® Network

For many organizations, electronic data interchange (EDI) remains the go-to-method for reliably exchanging the documents involved in buying and selling goods and services. But as the focus of business falls on engagement, collaboration, adaptability, and new value, many organizations have shifted their attention to solutions such as SAP Ariba® and the Ariba® Network, which serves as a modern digital platform for commerce. How does the Ariba Network compare with EDI? Explore some core differences here and discover what it takes to unlock value with SAP Ariba solutions.

beyond edi
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Race to value - Cloud-enabled buyer-supplier collaboration

New cloud networks that provide a platform for collaboration between buyers and suppliers are making supply chains more flexible, responsive, and powerful – improving speed and financial performance while reducing cost and risk. It’s wise to start small, encouraging your top-tier suppliers to join the network and improve collaboration. But ultimately the greatest potential value comes from using the platform to manage all aspects of the buyer-supplier relationship across your broader supply base.

sap race to value
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SAP®’s Ariba® Network - Cloud-enabled business collaboration

As many organizations continue to struggle with paper-intensive systems for managing procurement activities and supplier relationships, cloud technology has become a go-to solution. And in the cloud realm, SAP®’s Ariba® Network has emerged as a powerful resource for helping streamline procurement processes and deliver efficiencies. But unlocking the full potential of Ariba Network to address your specific business realities involves more than simply plugging in. Taking full advantage of Ariba Network involves understanding the layers of business realities within your organization. It involves asking some tough but essential questions about where you are today and where you hope to be in the future.

sap ariba cloud business collaboration
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SAP® Fieldglass - A complete view of the flexible workforce

A flexible, external workforce is a tremendous strategic asset, providing access to quality talent when you need it—without bogging you down when you don’t. However, it also presents unique challenges and risks, including high, hidden costs and increased potential for noncompliant behavior. A cloud-based vendor management system can help you stay on top of things, answering crucial questions such as: Who is working for you? Where are they located? What do they earn? Are they performing as expected? Are they compliant? This lets you actively manage your external workforce—instead of just sitting around waiting for invoices come in.

sap fieldglass
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Streamlining Travel and Expense in the Cloud Leveraging Concur

Streamlining Travel and Expense in the Cloud Leveraging Concur With Concur Travel & Expense plus help from Deloitte, organizations can deploy a cloud-based solution for simplifying travel and expense, generating enterprisewide insights, and unlocking new value.

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The direct approach - Finding new value with direct procurement

For manufacturers, direct procurement can represent a big portion of costs. At the same time, many companies continue to acquire direct materials inefficiently. But with SAP® Ariba® and guidance from Deloitte, they can begin unlocking new value.

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