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As business leaders continue to seek efficiencies up and down the supply chain, Deloitte's network of member firms stands ready with insights on leading practices involving SAP®.

Accelerating Value - Integrated business planning for the consumer products industry

Transforming the supply chain with an SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution can help consumer products companies gain better visibility into demand and ultimately deliver new value to the enterprise. Learn more from Deloitte. 

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Deloitte Exponential Supply Chain (DESC) Powered by SAP® S/4HANA Enterprise Management

More points of interaction and more connectivity have led to exponential growth in data. That growth can hinder the ability of supply chain decision-makers to perform their functions in an efficient, proactive manner. Deloitte Exponential Supply Chain, powered by SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management, can help organizations put in place solutions quickly and help transform decision-making through relevant, real-time, actionable insights. In addition to supporting faster deployment of SAP S/4HANA to help transform the supply chain, the offering can provide workers with a more intuitive user interface to support more informed decision-making and enhance efficiency throughout the enterprise.

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Deloitte Consulting Service Parts Solution (DCSPS)

Transforming service parts management (SPM) requires tools that can help you get up and running fast. A preconfigured solution from Deloitte can accelerate the deployment of SAP-based SPM capabilities and help you see value sooner.

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Deloitte Consulting Advanced Transportation Management Solution enabled by SAP® Software (DCATSS)

Deloitte Consulting Advanced Transportation Management Solution (DCATSS) enabled by SAP S/4HANA provides technology, leading practices and processes in a single package—to help improve information transparency, enhance efficiency, and support growth.

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Looking beyond risk: Driving performance improvement through better third-party risk management

A business or technical failure at one of your third-party suppliers—even a small one—can have serious repercussions for your business. But not all third-party disruptions are the same. A comprehensive, integrated perspective is critical for effectively managing third-party risk and creating value. Each type of risk and each level of disruption is different, and requires a different set of tools. However, the rewards for getting things right more than justify the additional effort. Improved third-party risk management can not only reduce risk; it can reduce costs and boost your company’s overall performance.

SAP Supply Chain
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Next-Generation Manufacturing – A digital transformation to support rapid decision-making and help unlock new value

For manufacturers, SAP S/4HANA offers a digital core ERP that can help them realize new enterprise wide value. What does next-generation manufacturing with SAP S/4HANA look like? Deloitte takes an up-close look at the possibilities. Learn more.

next-generation manufacturing
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SAP® Material Ledger - Where value and valuation meet

SAP® Material Ledger can help you improve inventory management in multiple currencies or valuations. And the latest version of SAP S/4HANA® makes Material Ledger obligatory. Understand how you can leverage Material Ledger to get new value.

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Ten weeks to value: Jump start supply chain improvements with SAP Integrated Business Planning

Supply chain leaders know that the supply chain itself is the subject of endless scrutiny from the business at large—when times are tough, it’s a natural target for cost-cutting, and at times of growth, supply chain planning can play a big role in addressing increased demand. As a result, many view the supply chain as a constant work in progress—and have enlisted a host of tools such as SAP’s Integrated Business Planning suite (IBP) to help.

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