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Technology Consulting

Our Bucharest technology team work closely with Deloitte teams around the globe to develop cutting edge solutions for clients. We are proud that combined we serve over 70% of the Global Fortune 500, with more than 50,000 technical professionals.

Today, business and technology innovation are inextricably linked. From data management and cyber risk to increased workforce mobility and virtual collaboration, the demands on technology are high to make day-to-day operations possible and ensure business continuity. At the same time, technology is increasingly a key driver for growth and at the heart of transformation efforts to adapt to both internal and external changes. Our professionals help clients identify and solve their most critical information and technology challenges, including strategy, procurement, design, delivery and assurance of technology solutions.

Technology Consulting with Deloitte

Digital technology has changed the face of business as we know it. Deloitte Digital is here to help you use it to your advantage.  

Our services help you advance customer- and design-centric thinking throughout your organization, from strategy through execution. 

Deloitte Digital combines Deloitte’s globally recognized strength in business transformation and technology implementation with the capabilities of a world-class digital agency. We can support your organization across the digital lifecycle — from working to define a bold digital strategy to designing and building your online and mobile presence — using agile methods that move quickly from digital concept to digital reality. Use our innovative mobile, web, and social solutions to increase the impact of digital for your customers, employees, and partners.

The most important answers to your complex business challenges may be hiding in your data. Deloitte’s Information Management and Analytics practice can help you uncover and unlock the value buried deep inside vast amounts of data. 

Our global network provides strategic guidance and implementation services to help companies manage data from disparate sources and convert it into accurate, actionable information that can support fact-driven decision-making and drive competitive advantage. Our practice addresses the continuum of opportunities in business intelligence, data management, technology, and next-generation analytics and technologies, including big data, cloud, and machine learning.

Deloitte is technology agnostic in our advice, but we are able to implement solutions for all technologies. We also offer off-the-shelf solutions completely tailored to your industry and business lines.

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