About us

About Us

About us

The TLDC (Tax & Legal Delivery Centre) Romania is one of the Regional Delivery Centres across the world. It represents a powerful driver of transformation, generating process change and increasing efficiency across the practice. We believe that being transformational is a journey, not a destination. We address current needs with innovative, timely solutions. We are reimagining operating models to be able of doing more with less and using the latest technologies to automate processes and increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Thus, every day, our teams collaborate with other colleagues from Deloitte Tax & Legal teams all over the world, bringing a rigorous approach to get tax & legal work done accurately, efficiently, and on time. Together we are connected to expertise, capabilities, technology, and innovative ideas to help our clients become more agile and lead their business with confidence.

As we are trusted and consulted by major players in global business, while being home to some truly inspiring people, we strive to achieve incredible results from the work we do together that can have a meaningful impact not just on our clients and the industries they are part of, but also on people and society as whole.

No matter which team of TLDC you will be joining, you are always going to be part of something bigger. Throughout the firm, you will find that teams, divisions, and even entire service areas have fostered a close working atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to contribute. At the TLDC, you will find various opportunities to learn and develop each and every day, through our wide range of formal and informal resources that will help you shape your career and achieve your ambitions.

Our Services

Our Tax & Legal Delivery Centre (TLDC) counts 350+ employees working in the following Business Lines:

Global Employer Services (GES)
Global Employer Services helps clients understand the strategic and operational implications of a mobile workforce, including compliance obligations, digital solutions, policy writing, benchmarking, cost projections, and application processing, to support the needs of both the HR department and mobile employees. In the Delivery Centre, we focus on the compliance obligations and all related processes that will ensure the client and its employees to be compliant at all times.
Business Tax Delivery Centre (BTDC)
The Gi3 team (Global Investment & Innovation Incentives) is a consultative team that adds significant value to our UK clients’ businesses and makes a tangible difference to their profits. The nature of the group both from UK and Bucharest, with tax professionals, accountants, lawyers to technologists from different domains, means that there is mix of experiences and backgrounds resulting in a unique group dynamic. We are working with a variety of clients, across a wide range of industry sectors, from large multinational companies to cutting edge innovative startups. Through financial analysis and law application to customized activity, we engage alongside the UK colleagues of different qualification and provide clients the opportunity to minimize their taxes and duties or even gain additional cash to their businesses through claiming government incentives.
Global Tax Centre Europe (GTCE)
At Global Tax Centre Europe (GTCE), we serve a diversified portfolio of international clients by offering pan-EU VAT compliance services. Tax Technology tools are at the core of our processes, also facilitating the collaboration between teams in Belgium, India and Romania. Deloitte Global Tax Center Europe is committed to offering exceptional tax compliance services to clients across the globe. With a presence in five different locations, Belgium, India, Romania, Poland, and Portugal, GTCE is the perfect mix of an international environment, a technology focus, and a solution-oriented mindset. How does this translate for GTCE employees? We have created a community of professionals driven by the same core values: willingness to learn & grow, mindset centered on healthy and constant development, and people driven by finding solutions regardless of the context. We are committed to empowering each employee to take drive of their career. GTCE opened its office in Romania in 2019, and since then it has grown the team to more than 40 people. Worldwide, we are part of a team of over 450 employees.
Global Trade Advisory (GTA)
Importers and exporters need a clear understanding of the rules that govern international trade in their respective sectors to avoid non-compliance risks which can may result in serious consequences. Deloitte advises businesses on both fiscal and non-fiscal regulations duties and taxes, as well as penalties and consequences related to non-compliance.
Deloitte professionals help companies with a variety of global trade needs, including post-merger integration support, by tracking duty risks and potential tax deductions, and by helping to identify consistent support for what is an arm's length or fair value for both customs and transfer pricing purposes. Deloitte’s team include customs brokers, industry specialists, accountants, lawyers, supply chain specialists, auditors, economists and former government officials who have in-depth knowledge of customs-related policies, national regulations, and practices.
Legal Centre of Excellence (CoE)
The Deloitte Legal Center of Excellence (CoE) serves as a pivotal hub for Deloitte Legal, offering comprehensive support in business development, service delivery, reporting, and legal technology. Functioning as a central resource for cross-border assistance in Legal, it facilitates knowledge-sharing, rapid collaboration on initiatives, and harnesses technology for delivering seamless, integrated services to multinational clients. The CoE assists in streamlining global operations, ensuring efficient cooperation across the legal network. Beyond support, our team actively develops and maintains valuable self-use resources for the network, including proposal templates, go-to-market materials, information on key legal contacts and capabilities, and knowledge materials. This multifaceted approach enhances Deloitte Legal's global capabilities, promoting agility, efficiency, and excellence in legal services.