Americas Thought Leadership

This thought leadership collection includes points of view and reports with information for organizations that have operations in the Americas region or are interested in doing business in the region.

Mexico Mergers and Acquisitions

What’s ahead: The potential impact of the new US administration

As US President Donald J. Trump initiates a new and more domestically-oriented trade stance, many questions are emerging about the potential impact on trade and M&A with Mexico.

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2017 global research bulletin

Informed by independent research spanning seven years, Deloitte's insight into the management of tax within the largest global businesses continues to grow and evolve. From inception in 2010, Deloitte has commissioned four independent market research studies with global tax decision makers, the most recent concluding in December 2016.

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M&A in Latin America

Our comprehensive look at M&A trends in Latin America. For decades, Latin American countries have been a promising venue for global companies seeking to leverage the region’s rich natural resources, low-cost labor markets, and, more recently, expanding consumer markets.

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Global Economic Outlook Q2 2017

In this issue of the Global Economic Outlook, our far-flung economists examine the state of the world economy—specifically the United States, Eurozone, China, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Africa, and global inflation.

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Tracking the trends: The top 10 trends mining companies will face in the coming year

The 2017 edition of Tracking the trends takes a look at the trends that miners will face in the coming year and outlines a wealth of potential responses proposed from Deloitte member firms' mining professionals.

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Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions

Our objective with the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions report is to identify critical inflection points that we believe should inform industry strategic thinking, and to explain how we think these will manifest over the next 12-18 months for companies in TMT and other industries.

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Global health care outlook - Battling costs while improving care

This report is developed to examine the short term outlook of Health Care industry, explore current trends and discuss considerations around cost, growth, innovation and regulatory and compliance.

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Global life sciences outlook - Moving forward with cautious optimism

Life sciences sector growth is expected to be fueled by increasing demand from an aging population and the prevalence of chronic and communicable diseases.

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Global Economic Outlook Q1 2017

As 2017 begins, the global economic environment is characterized by new political realities. In the United States, there is a new president with new ideas and goals. In Europe, growth and inflation have begun to accelerate, yet unemployment remains stubbornly high. In Asia, growth is stabilizing, but risks are piling up in the form of higher debt and rising trade tensions.

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