Social innovation


Social innovation

Advancing solutions for societal progress

Solving challenging problems is at the heart of what Deloitte professionals do every day. Deloitte member firms use this same approach to help tackle some of society's toughest challenges. Around the world, Deloitte professionals are driving innovative solutions, for social good, making an impact that matters in society.

Deloitte's approach to tackling societal issues

Solving persistent and complex social challenges such as lack of access to education and economic opportunity, the increasing number of refugees around the world, and maintaining a clean and safe environment, requires innovative thinking and new forms of collaboration across sectors. 

By engaging with clients, governments, pioneering thinkers, and diverse stakeholders in their local communities, Deloitte member firms find and invest in promising solutions that address social ills. Deloitte's global reach also provides a unique opportunity for professionals to work across borders. For example, through the Deloitte Social Innovation cross-border initiative, the Deloitte network scales the best solutions, by bringing together new combinations of expertise, and by sharing knowledge and ideas across countries.

It is only through innovative approaches, identifying solutions that can be scaled, and collaborating across sectors and borders that countries and organizations can achieve sustainable development.

Stasha Santifort
Global Corporate Responsibility
and Sustainability leader
Deloitte Global

Case studies and research

Read examples of how the Deloitte network works collaboratively across borders, with government, non-profits and social enterprises to deliver innovative social solutions. 

The Deloitte network has published thought leadership on innovating for societal impact:


Is it worth it? How to measure social return on investment
Published by: Mette Lindgaard, DTTL Social Innovation leader, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

This book provides a step by step guide for practitioners and decision makers to prioritize and measure the impact of their social interventions, from identifying outcomes, to strategic application.

Is it worth it? - How to measure social return on investment
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