Audit: Leading the way

As leaders in Audit, Deloitte’s professionals are committed to excellence and to enhancing the trust of the investing public and capital markets. Quality is our top priority, and by focusing on innovation, we continue to raise the bar on quality and deliver greater value to our clients. Our industry specialists understand the dynamics of our clients’ industries and bring insight to enhance the value of the services we deliver.


At Deloitte, we see innovation differently. Innovation is a mindset. Moreover, while it is enabled by technology, our tools and applications are but one factor in our ability to provide high quality audits for our clients and the investing public.

As professionals, we know our work plays a vital role in preserving the integrity and confidence in our capital markets - the lifeblood of our global economy. It is a big task, and technology alone cannot get us there. Nevertheless, an entire culture of innovative thinkers can, and that is exactly what we have at Deloitte: to completely reinvent the audit experience.

Our Practice

Our audit professionals provide independent financial statements and internal control audits, in accordance with the latest professional standards and with a focus on quality. Audits and reviews are planned to assess and identify possible risk - whether the risk of a material misstatement or a risk in internal controls. Our professionals work closely with our clients to encourage a two-way communication and to minimize surprises.

Relentlessly focused on execution

Innovation is also about execution - plain and simple. We are continuing to transform our methods and approaches to help optimize execution of the audit and consistently deliver higher quality.

Risk-based audit methodology

The Deloitte audit is designed around a customized risk assessment that leverages our deep understanding of your business. This approach enables us to focus on the audit areas that are most relevant, improving audit quality and effectiveness.

Audit delivery centers

These hubs give teams access to a pool of highly skilled professionals with deep experience in a particular audit area, process, or tool - which means our clients benefit from the leading practices and insights they have developed while honing their specialties.

Optimizing interim

Deloitte is actively working to better distribute the audit activities throughout the year, reducing the workload for our clients and audit professionals during peak periods as well as enabling us to understand and manage risks more effectively as they arise.


Our audit practitioners’ top priority is to provide quality audits for our clients. Over the past years, we have made significant investments to improve our processes as we strive to continue to lead the charge in providing quality audits. Still with a laser sharp focus on quality, we are looking to leverage innovation and technology to shape and drive the audit profession of the future, to ultimately benefit our clients.

This commitment to quality and excellence extends to the investing public and capital markets. As the financial markets grow increasingly complex and global, a reliable, effective audit process is becoming essential to maintaining investors’ trust and confidence.

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