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CFOs and Sustainability: Shaping their roles in an evolving environment

New Deloitte whitepaper provides insights for CFOs and c-suite

With sustainability issues gaining increased attention from investors, regulators, activists, and the media, organizations can ill afford to ignore the topic.

Fortunately, a recent survey by Deloitte reveals that many members of the c-suite, most notably CFOs, are getting the message. A growing awareness of, planning for, and action around sustainability issues is underway.

Deloitte’s new whitepaper, CFOs and Sustainability: Shaping their roles in an evolving environment, reveals numerous trends in the environmental, health, safety, and social impacts of the enterprise:

  • CFOs are becoming more involved in setting and executing sustainability strategy.
  • The impact of sustainability on key financial decisions has increased in M&A, capital allocation, and capital raising.
  • Compliance with new energy efficiency and carbon regulations remain areas of high concern.

Many additional insights may be found in the whitepaper, which summarizes Deloitte’s most-recent survey; puts the findings in context with similar surveys from prior years; and provides Deloitte’s analysis and suggestions regarding potential action steps.

In addition, the paper can enhance a CFO’s understanding of his or her role in sustainability by providing a window on the sustainability activities of peers and competitors.

Click here to download a pdf version of CFOs and Sustainability: Shaping their roles in an evolving environment.

Click here to contact Deloitte’s sustainability team to learn more about the topic and how your organization might address it.

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