The digital grapevine


The digital grapevine

Social media and the role of internal audit

With more and more users linking, liking, friending and following, learn how Internal Audit can help strike a balance between social media risks and opportunities.

Numerous corporate social media fiascos over the last few years have brought attention to the phenomenon of brand sabotage. They have also demonstrated why brand stewards should be concerned about attacks — whether intentional or unintentional — on their brands.

Organizations today are embracing new digital technologies to leapfrog or keep pace with growing competition in the marketplace. Powerful platforms — such as mobile, analytics, social media, cloud, and cyber intelligence — can potentially impact every facet of the organization, leading to new opportunities.

But these emerging technologies and platforms can also introduce significant disruptive forces into the business. The convergence of these macro forces is reflecting a new basis for competition, changing the environment in which we both live and work, and becoming the core of the “Digital Enterprise.” Therefore, it is critical to understand the risks of integration as constantly changing digital technologies become the norm.

This whitepaper is part of Deloitte’s series on the Digital Enterprise, which focuses on how organizations can leverage the disruptive forces of digital technologies, mitigate emerging risks, and capitalize on breakthrough thinking. View or download the whitepaper to gain insights that can serve as the starting point for a dialogue on helping your company achieve its goals as a Digital Enterprise.

Internal Auditor magazine subscribers: Read Deloitte’s latest thinking on internal audit and social media in the online article, Putting the squeeze on social media.

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