Public policies assistance

Our approach

Deloitte works closely with Romanian and EU authorities, policy makers and regulators in delivering professional sectorial, regional or national studies and analysis that substantiate the national public strategies and policies.

We provide technical assistance and fund management in all programme cycle stages, including assistance to programming, assistance to programme implementation, assistance to monitoring and independent evaluation.

  • Sectorial, regional or national studies and analysis
  • Support in policies, programmes and strategies elaboration
  • Independent evaluation (ex-ante, interim, ex-post) of policies, programmes and strategies
  • Technical assistance for improving fund management 
  • Support in communication & awareness campaign planning and implementation
  • Support in developing projects and applications for financing
  • Support for improving the business environment by alleviating administrative burdens
  • Delivery of seminars and training courses

Key Benefits

  • Access to a network of experts covering various domains (including EU funds, business processes, human capital, financial sector, specific industries, SMEs, tax, legal, audit, risk etc.)
  • Large experience in management, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of programmes and projects financed by public sources
  • Access to best practices in other countries