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Business leaders must act with conviction, even in an era of growing complexity, uncertainty, and disruption. These business leaders need clear, concise, well-informed perspectives on the important dynamics that are currently reshaping their business environments. Our global network of Strategy & Operations professionals draws on the strength of Deloitte’s full suite of professional services and industry experience to focus solutions on the real issues affecting businesses today. We work collaboratively with our clients to link strategic vision to flawless execution to achieve tangible, long-term value. From developing a pragmatic strategy and evaluating M&A opportunities to improving finance and operations functions, we have the experience and expertise to help clients build an executable strategy.

Our Strategy & Operations services

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Social Business Strategy: Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation

The fourth annual research study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte probes executives’ views of what drives digital transformation. The report is based on responses from 4,800 business executives across 27 industries and 129 countries, and incorporates interviews with executives and thought leaders from a number of industries.

digital transformation

Business Trends 2015: Business ecosystems come of age

Today’s business leaders need clear, concise and well-informed perspectives on important dynamics that are currently reshaping the business environment. Deloitte’s Business Trends reports deliver just that. While Deloitte doesn't have a crystal ball and can’t predict the future, our network of member firms do have the privilege of serving clients who are creating the future; access to some of the best minds on the planet; relentless curiosity; and a commitment to intellectual integrity and rigor. Deloitte draws upon all of these in the creation of these reports, including the latest one featured below, "Business ecosystems come of age."

The Three Rules: How exceptional companies think

This book  provides the hard evidence useful to help leaders set their agendas and make critical decisions despite ambiguity and uncertainty. The rules are lodestones that point the way toward profitable paths forward. The rules will show you not the roads less traveled, but help you identify the roads best traveled.




The Ripple Effect: How manufacturing and retail executives view the growing challenge of supply chain risk

Supply chains are becoming highly sophisticated and vital to the competitiveness of many companies. But their interlinked, global nature also makes them increasingly vulnerable to a range of risks.

2013 Q2 Global CFO Signals: An uneven recovery

There’s a recovery out there.  Didn’t you get the memo?

Corporate Development 2013: Pushing boundaries in M&A

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is undergoing a profound transformation. From start to finish, the deal-making process is changing as a new wave of disruptive technologies—social media and advanced analytic tools—infuse themselves into both our business and our personal lives. How technology may be used is not normally clear, but what is clear is that it is here to stay. No business executive can afford to ignore the question of how to leverage these technologies to create competitive advantage.