Business Travel Analytics

The world outside your window

Global business travelers potentially trigger compliance and withholding obligations. These can be multiple (income tax, social security, immigration, corporation tax) and can impact at either the individual or the corporate level. Since the global economic travails of 2008 and their impact on tax revenues across many jurisdictions, tax authorities have faced pressure to reduce the "tax gap" – the shortfall between what could be and what is actually collected. In seeking ways to address this, and in an environment compounded by falling tax receipts, the potential for the business traveler community as a source of revenues is becoming apparent. In addition, heightened sensitivity to the issue of economic migration has led immigration authorities to more keenly identify business travelers in breach of visa and work permit requirements.

As tax and immigration authorities have begun targeting resources in this area, helping organizations manage their business travel compliance has become a key area of focus for professional services firms. Deloitte has developed a range of services, collectively known as "Business Travel Analytics", to help businesses address compliance and risk both reactively and proactively. By exercising control of their business travel, corporates aggregate a mass of data with huge inherent value to be tapped.

Read Business Travel Analytics: The world outside your window to learn more.

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