Integration Engine


Integration Engine

An accelerator that allows Salesforce developers to configure interfaces

Integration Engine is an accelerator built on the platform which allows a techno-functional Salesforce consultant to configure interfaces using an intuitive user interface and reduces the APEX scripting effort by 60 – 70%.

The tool takes care of standard integration activities related to target system authentication, construct request payload, source to target field mapping and simple, complex data transformations. Inbuilt ‘Error handling’ module provides features to quickly troubleshoot interface and Salesforce application failures.

The tool also has capability to migrate the configured interfaces between Salesforce Orgs without additional data migration effort. ‘Service Transaction Log’ module helps production support team to actively monitor interface execution status and retrigger failed interfaces.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced customization effort in overall Integration build
  • Empowers techno-functional Salesforce consultants to configure interfaces  
  • Consistency in Integration coding standards across Salesforce projects
  • Interactive dashboard that facilitates proactive interface activity monitoring in production environment
  • Reduced troubleshooting effort
  • Provides 360 degree view on interface execution status through interactive reports and dashboards.