Non-Maturity Deposits Modelling and Validation

Non-Maturity deposits can play a big role in the capital potency of the bank. As each bank has some stable deposit volume amount and needs to set deposit rates, modeling of these parameters can be of great help for the bank’s business. A stable amount of deposit volume can be invested, and a rate is needed to attract deposit cash flows.

Non-maturity deposits (NMDs), such as retail savings, interest and non-interest-bearing checking and money-market accounts have no stated maturities.

How can Deloitte help?

Deloitte can help you asses long term stable deposit volume available for a bank to use. In addition, Deloitte can help you set up best deposit rate for your business strategy needs. Stable deposit volume is important in order to increase capital potency of the bank. Also, in order to optimize this capital potency bank can estimate which level of the deposit rate it wants to set. Our mission is to provide to you best quality service and Non-Maturity Deposits modeling is the field where we can help your business grow.

Deloitte has experience and knowledge to help you with the following subjects:

  1. Modeling of Deposit Rate level.
  2. Modeling of Deposit Volume.
  3. Validation of Deposit Rate level.
  4. Validation of Deposit Volume.
  5. Implementation of the Deposit Rate model.
  6. Implementation of the Deposit Volume.
  7. Defining Methodology and Technical Specification for developed and validated models.


Nebojša Nikolić PhD, CFA, FRM

Nebojša Nikolić PhD, CFA, FRM

Director, Risk Advisory

Nebojša joined Deloitte in 2022 as a Director in Risk Advisory in Belgrade’s office. His career started in 2006 as Risk Management consultant. In parallel to consultancy, he developed his academic car... More