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Tax & Trade law modules

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Deloitte e-Learning in taxation and trade law is a unique course intended for individuals who come in contact with tax and trade law related matters in their business activities.

Tax & Trade law modules

What does the Deloitte e-Learning in the area of taxation and trade law offer?

The opportunity to improve your tax and trade law knowledge through online courses in the areas of: 

  • Corporate Income Tax;
  • Value Added Tax;
  • Personal Income Tax;
  • Transfer Prices;
  • Trade Law.
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Main benefits of the e-Learning:

  • Opportunity to improve your knowledge, but also to improve and confirm the expertise of your team;
  • A significant number of useful examples from practice;
  • Online course that you can comfortably access at any time from any location on your laptop or mobile device;
  • Opportunity to obtain a Deloitte certificate after successful completion of the course;
  • Annual license that includes regular content updates;
  • Up to 15 users for one license;
  • Lower costs and unlimited usage;
  • Regional approach*.

* Deloitte e-Learning tax modules are available for the markets in Deloitte CE South cluster in local languages (Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian).

An annual license fee includes:

  • unlimited access to a single module EUR 150;
  • unlimited access to all modules for one market EUR 500;
  • unlimited access to all modules for two markets EUR 800;
  • unlimited access to all modules for three markets EUR 1,000.

* Access, without restrictions, for up to 15 users per license. The fees are exclusive of VAT and they should be paid in local currency equivalent by applying the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of the payment.

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