Non-taxable threshold amounts for 2017

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Adjusted non–taxable amounts in Serbian currency (RSD)

In accordance with Article 12a of Personal Income Tax Law, non-taxable amounts in Serbian currency (RSD) for purposes of personal income tax are being adjusted for annual consumer price index in the year preceding the year for which the alignment is done, based on data of the authority responsible for statistics.

Based on the consumer price index in Serbia in 2016 publicized by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, table no. 1 displays some of the non-taxable amounts for the purposes of personal income tax, which will be effective from February 1st, 2017:

Table 1:


Amount in RSD

Non-taxable salary amount


Comuting costs 


Per diem for local business trip


Travel costs on a business trip


Private car for business purposes/business trips

Anniversary award for employees


New year’s and Christmas’ present for employees’ children, until the age of 15


Voluntary premiums for health insurance and pensions contributions


2016 non–taxable threshold for annual income tax purposes

Based on the published data on average annual salary per employee paid out in 2016 in the Republic of Serbia from January 25th, 2017, the non-taxable threshold relevant for determining 2016 annual personal income tax filing liability is set at RSD 2,285,064. Annual income tax payers for 2016 are natural persons, both tax residents and tax non-residents, whose annual net income for 2016 exceeded the afore-mentioned threshold.

Table no. 2 presents the non–taxable amount, taxable amounts and personal deductions relevant for 2016 annual income tax:

Table 2:


Amount in RSD

Non-taxable amount


Income taxable at 10%


Income taxable at 15%

above 4,570,128

Personal deduction for a taxpayer *


Deduction for a dependant family member *


*Total amount of deductions cannot exceed 50% of income to be taxed

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